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Covid Guidelines


To My Patients: The following is the office Exposure Control Plan which adheres to national guidelines formulated for acupuncture practices. Please read before coming to the office for treatment. 

Before your first appointment back since the Covid pandemic, please download the Covid Consent form at the upper right of this page and sign it before you bring it with you to the clinic. 

                                      Exposure Control Procedures

• Patients with presenting symptoms will lead to immediate referral for biomedical care and will be screened upon arrival to the clinic

• Patients and anyone accompanying them must stay home rather than seek treatment if they exhibit any symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, cough and shortness of breath/difficulty breathing). You will be referred to biomedical care provider.

Persons accompanying patients to their appointment must wait outside of clinic, such as in personal vehicle or practice social distancing outside.

• Cancellation fees will be eliminated so patients don’t feel obligated to come if feeling ill.

• Patients must wear a cloth facemask upon arrival and during treatment. A facemask will be provided for any patient not able to bring one.

• We will develop strategies to eliminate need for patients to use the waiting room. For example, patients may wait in their car until they can come directly into treatment room. Chairs in waiting room will be taped off.

• Patients will be escorted as needed into the clinic, ensuring social distancing and appropriate infection safeguards

                                Entrance Screening Procedures

When the patient enters he/she will be asked to sign the covid-19 screening form.

Screen for COVID-19 symptoms:  patient must state by signed consent that they have had no known exposure or positive screen in last 14 days and not exhibit any of the following:

• New cough*

• New shortness of breath*

• New fever, or feel feverish

• New chills, or repeated shaking with chills

• New fatigue*

• New sore throat*

• New loss of taste or smell

• New nasal congestion*

• New muscle aches that are not caused by specific activity such as exercise*

• New diarrhea*

*cannot be attributed to another health condition

• All staff and patients must be screened upon entry into the clinic space

• Upon arrival, all patients must wash or sanitize hands.

• Upon arrival, all patients need to have temperature taken. Non-contact thermometers will be used, and will be disinfected between uses according to manufacturer’s instructions.

• Patient needs to arrive to the office with a face mask on and needs to keep it on for the duration of their clinic stay. Patients may use cloth faces masks. 

                            Social Distancing Procedures  

•Patients should push the doorbell at the entrance to the building and wait to be admitted. Either I or a staff person will meet you at the entry to provide screening and escort you directly to the treatment room.



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