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Hooray for Dr. Oberman!!! Glenn Oberman has been treating me for about 15 years with great effect. He eased me though major back pain and recovery after various surgeries, as well as common everyday aches and pains. The biggest gift he's given me is helping to bring a serious condition into remission. It's not a cure, but something I can live with during an expected long life.
His caring, quiet attitude is efficient and effective. My life is richer and happier for his treatments.
Robin C - Oakland

When I injuried a shoulder and was unable to even pick up a half gallon of milk, the orthopedic surgeon told me I was facing surgery and would have lifelong weakness. After just 4 visits with Dr. Oberman, I noticed my shoulder was less painful, stronger, and more flexible. Through regular treatments, not only is my shoulder recovered, but my overall wellness, stamina, and ability to recovery from illness and/or injury is better now at 48 years old than when I was in my 20s.
Ian M - San Ramon

Glenn Oberman is really good at what he does. He listens carefully to your description of your needs, then applies the needles with an ouchless touch. His treatment rooms are quiet and serene. And! he manages to keep to the schedule so that one rarely waits more than a few minutes, if at all. Whether you are new to acupuncture or a veteran, you will find him very knowledgeable and helpful.                                                    Patricia M - Berkeley

2550 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley CA 94704
510-649-1560 (Phone and FAX)

Monday: 11-6
Wednesday: 9-1
Friday:   9-1

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