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My Philosophy

I believe that the human body has a natural ability to heal itself and maintain a state of optimum health. Trauma, stress, disease, life-style problems all hamper that natural ability. Treatment that supports and enhances the body’s ability to heal is treatment that works the best. Acupuncture does just that. But acupuncture is only one modality in the system of Asian medicine that includes use of herbs, nutritional guidelines, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications that not only promote healing but help insure continued optimum health. I see myself as a facilitator of health, rather than a healer. You and your body are the healers. I do everything I can to help you live up to your greatest health potential.

My Philosophy - Glenn Oberman, O.M.D., L.Ac. in Berkeley, CA

2550 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley CA 94704
510-649-1560 (Phone and FAX)

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